About Age of Elegance

Authentication and Identification
If you have a window that you need to authenticate or identify, we may be able to help. With reasonably good photographs, we can ascertain enough information to address such questions as how old and how original a piece is. In addition, information such as style, types of glass used, came type, country of origin, general condition, and so on, might be determinable.

Tiffany-Level Window Authentication
For windows of significance, such as Tiffany, Lafarge, Lamb Studios, Belcher, Maitland Armstrong, and Rudy Brothers, photographs may not be sufficient for authentication and an in-person examination will be required.

Tiffany-level appraisals will be given priority. General appraisals will be performed on a time-permitting basis. Contact us with your requirements and we'll respond promptly with lead time and cost.

Custom Consulting
If you have a commercial or residential project that requires authentic antique glass windows and/or light fixtures, we may be able to help. Services range from planning and acquisition to installation.

Glass Matching
We have a huge inventory of authentic antique glass that has come from windows that could not be repaired. If you need a piece of glass to replace a broken or missing one, send us a photo of what you are trying to match and tell us the size required. The photo helps us rule out those requests we know we cannot fulfill. If we feel we can exactly or closely match the piece, we'll get back to you on the procedures and fees involved. We will require a physical sample before we can perform the match.