About Age of Elegance

W e have built this business by providing our clients with helpful advice and dependable service. We decided that it would be appropriate to share a few select letters from our many happy customers. If you feel that you need further references, please don't hesitate to ask.

Testimonial from Annette

Martha & Howard from San Carlos, California wrote...
Howard and I are delighted with our new beveled windows.
It was so good to work with you; you made it easy for us.
Everything worked just as you said it would.

April & Bill's Stained Glass Window
April & Bill from Hebron, Indiana, wrote...

My husband and I had been intrigued with the beauty of stained glass windows for years but had never owned any. When our custom home was designed four years ago, we wanted to incorporate a window as a focal point in our kitchen. We contacted Age of Elegance and actually selected one from a photo, then had it shipped to Indiana. We chose a colorful Fleur de Lis which adds breathtaking beauty to our home. The rich tones change throughout the day and we have now backlit it for evening viewing. People that visit us think we're quite clever to have incorporated something from the late 1800's into our modern home. Our only wish is that we had built in more windows. We know that we will never grow tired of this incredible piece of art. We thank the owners of Age of Elegance for their guidance in our selection and their ability to accommodate our needs from across the country.


Testimonial from June

Brian & Kathy from California and Hawaii wrote...
We had admired stained glass windows in various antique stores for years. Fortunately we never purchased any until we came upon your collection, which consists of the most exquisite windows we had ever seen. We purchased two beautiful windows for our restored Spanish eclectic home in California and had the breathtaking magnolia window shipped to our home on Maui. We are so thankful you had that piece restored and preserved it. It is truly a treasure. Even after several years the windows have never lost their "Wow!" factor. We think of them not just as architectural features, but as jewelry for the home. Your knowledge, experience and aesthetic sense are valuable resources for anyone interested in stained glass.