About Age of Elegance

A uthentic antique glass was all made by hand. As with any hand-made art, there will be what some consider to be imperfections in the original piece. Most collectors and purveyors feel these imperfections not only add to the beauty of the piece, but can indicate its authenticity as well. The "chatter" lines in the bevels and the obvious fact that the circles aren't perfectly round are unmistakable signs that the glass in the photo to the left has been ground by hand.

Antique glass available for purchase on this site may have come directly from the original installation, but more likely has changed hands many times and even been modified in the process. Modifictions and repairs done before entering my inventory may not have been done correctly, well, or in keeping with the style and period. In the descriptions of our windows we endeavor to describe the condition of our windows and completely and accurately as possible. Some windows are offered in the same state as we purchased them. Ohers have been repaired or restored prior to offering them on this site.

Like the original fabrication of the glass window, restoration and repair is also an art that can only be done correctly by someone technically accomplished at their craft. We at Age of Elegance maintain a large inventory of authentic antique glass that is used to repair or restore our windows. Our craftsman are accomplished at their art and take great pride in the restoration and repair of our windows.

Repair Services
Repair is fixing the obvious problems with the window that have occured in the one hundred or so years since it was created. Repair is fixing any problems with the window so that it comes reasonably close to its original design. Such repairs include fixing bothersome cracks, replacing small pieces of missing glass called "holes" or "light leaks," repairing broken or loose solder joints, and reattaching loose reinforcement rod ties. In more than 90% of our repairs, we use authentic antique glass.

Restoration Services
In addition to fixing all problems mentioned above under repair, restoration is preparing the window for the next 100 years. Such restoration efforts include reinforcing solder joints, solidly securing the reinforcement rod system, adding reinforcement bars if necessary, flattening the window if needed, thoroughly cleaning the window, and completely re-grouting the window.

Obtaining A Quote
Our restoration and repair services are currently only available for windows in our inventory. However, we are open to talking about large projects that involve the preservation of authentic antique American glass windows. Call or email us and tell us about your project and how we might help.

Prior to quoting a price for these services, both the client and Age of Elegance must agree on the goal of the restoration/repair and set realistic and appropriate expectations of the outcome. Choices of replacement glass can be indicated by a client, but the ultimate choice must be left to the craftsman and the time of actual repair. Our restoration and repair services are in addition to the purchase price of the windows. Full payment of the window price plus 50% of the estimated repair cost must be received before any work is undertaken.