About Age of Elegance

I f you've been looking for a particular window and haven't been able to find it here or elsewhere, perhaps we can help. We have many windows in our inventory that have not been listed on this site. Perhaps we have exactly what you're looking for.

Please provide as much detailed information as you can about each of the following attributes. This will help us find the best match for you. If an attribute isn't important, just ignore it.

Window Style
Please indicate your preferred style (Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco). If the style isn't so important, please tell us so.

Glass Types
If you have a preference for beveled glass, stained glass, combination glass, or another type, please indicate as such and how important that is to you.

Size & Orientation
If the size is critical, please provide exact dimensions of the glass you require. If the size isn't critical, please provide an approximate size or something like "no bigger than..."

If orientation is important, please indicate vertical or horizontal.

Price Range
If you have a preferred target price, let us know. This information would be helpful, but not necessary, so we don't suggest windows outside your price range. This information is optional.

Other Criteria
Please tell us what you're looking for in your own words. Examples might include: a need for privacy (such as in a bathroom), a preference for light colors over dark, or if you have a time frame in mind.

I'm looking for a small horizontal beveled or light-colored window to hang outside of my shower enclosure. The size need not be exact, but 36" wide and 30" tall is about right. I'm partial to geometric designs and would like to have it in my hands by two weeks before next Christmas.


Email us your requirements.