About Age of Elegance

Often we have clients who love a window, but it's not quite the right size. In these cases, it is a minor alteration to add or remove borders to alter its dimensions. If executed with sensitivity, these alterations do not drastically change the original design since the border acts much like the frame of a window.

In other cases, clients want to eliminate sections of a window, split a window, or combine two or more windows together. These are considered major alterations and we evaluate these on a case-by-case basis.

In evaluating all alteration requests, we apply the follwing rule:

As purveyors and custodians of antique glass, we feel the responsibility to history, the artists, and the piece itself to only consider alterations that are in character with the original style of the window.

Antique Glass
As a by-product of more than 30 years of window repairs, we have accumulated a large inventory of authentic antique glass, including Tiffany glass. This glass is used whenever possible in all of our repairs and restorations. If authentic antique glass is not available, we use best matches with the full prior knowledge and consent of the purchaser.

Generally, alterations are only performed on windows in our inventory.