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Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE545

Detail of window   Detail of ship   Detail of stained glass flowers    Window in original installation

Catalog No. AE545
Circa: 1886
Price: $8,500
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Toledo, Iowa
Dimensions: Glass is 20" x 46". Frame is 24.25" x 51.75".

This is an exceptional window. It has completely original glass and keeps its original frame. The glass has never been nor is in need of restoration. It came from a stately mansion in Toledo, Iowa, built in 1886, and still standing. The window was built into a protected nook of the home between the kitchen and dining room. One of the photos shows the window prior to removal from the home it graced for nearly 125 years. The structure had a number of other remarkable windows and all of them shared the vivid color pallet displayed in this one, but none of them had painted work; this one is very special.

Another of the windows from the home (AE473) is also listed on this site. The set of windows from the main stair tower landing were acquired by the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows in Chicago, where they will be on permanent display.

The central panel depicts a wooden sailboat nearing land at the end of day, just as the setting sun spreads rich colors across a cloud streaked horizon. The artistry of the ship scene is quite good; the image is both realistic and dreamlike.

Please note, just as the sky is streaked with colored clouds, many of the window's jewels and glass pieces are streaked, or striated, with various colors within them. Specifically note the eight red and clear jewels above and below the painted panel. These cabochon jewels are called "marbleized" or "marbled." Marbled jewels are very uncommon. Regardless, these jewels are beautiful. Eight of the other jewels were mouth-blown using the "crown" method, the oldest window glass-making technique in existence. The window glass, with the exception of a couple of borders, was all hand-ladled from multiple crucibles, and then hand-rolled.

I could go on and on about this window's virtues. If you would like to learn more, please contact me.

Original Photo of Vintage Victorian Stained Glass Window AE545

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