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Victorian Flashed Glass Window AE216

Catalog No. AE216
Circa: 1875-1885
Price: $2,350
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: East Coast of The United States
Dimensions: Glass is 20" x 39"

Description: Very few of this type of window come onto the market. This piece is made from a single piece of clear glass that has been “flashed” (see glossary) on the surface in ruby red. The red flashing has been cut back into this elaborate lighthouse seascape by use of acid etching and wheel cutting techniques. The labor intense workmanship has rendered a preciously romantic view of Victorian America. It is totally original, including the frame and drips of antique paint, which are easily removable. The red color variations are demonstrative of the pains that the artist took to create depth and realism. The scene and colors are richly inviting.

Original Photo of AE216

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