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Vintage Victorian Beveled Glass Window AE554
Detail of AE554 half-round beveled, zipper-cut, and glue-chip glass window Detail of AE554 beveled glass window Detail of AE554 border section Detail of AE554 border section Detail of AE554 border section Detail of AE554 border section

Catalog No. AE554
Circa: 1890
Price: $8,500 for the complete set. $7,500 for the half-round window if purchased separately.
Orientation: As shown
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Napa, California
Dimensions: Size of half-round central window is 65.5"x 29.5". Dimensions of 16-piece beveled arch surround: overall 108" wide x 144" high. Dimensions of 8 individual rectangular components of arch Surround: 9.5" X 19" each. Dimensions of 8 individual curved components of arch surround: 8.5" X 19" each.

Description: This 17-Piece Suite is made up of a large central half-round window surrounded by an even larger 16-piece arch with long vertical legs. As you can see, the larger arch is an assembly of 8 individual curving panels along with 8 rectangular panels.

It is likely that the central half-round window was the transom above a grand entryway, and the accompanying 16-piece arch was that transom's "surround" with adjoining sidelights below. I was not privileged to see the original structure, as I acquired the windows in Napa, California many years after they were removed from their home.

It would take considerable effort to touch upon the numerous merits of this set. The craftsmanship as well as the diversity of technical prowess is truly exceptional. A number of the beveling techniques employed in these windows I've not encountered in all my years as a serious bevel dealer and collector. Just ask me, I will gladly share specifically what characteristics elevate this beveled set to the top rung.

Zipper-cut, pyramidally shaped beveled tracings swirl throughout the central half-round window. Few designs are more pleasing than an intertwining knot pattern, and the intricacy of this one makes it kaleidoscopic. Much of the surface area throughout the set is textured with top quality, double-glue-chipped glass. See the Glossary in the tool bar of my website for more information regarding glass terminology.

Every piece of the composition, no matter how small, is beveled, often beveled to a point or to a ridge. "Beveling to the point" was exacting work and it is rarely done now days. You won't find smaller beveled pieces than two pieces that are in the upper section of the center window- these jewelry like triangular pieces measures 1/4" x 1/4" x 3/16". Now that is tiny!

I'd like to keep the set together if possible, however, I will sell the half-round window separately from the 16-piece beveled surround.

The set has a few old cracks, each being small and anything-but-obvious.

Original Photo of AE554 Antique American Beveled Glass Window elements

Original photo of AE554 half round window and 8 curved border sections included with this set.

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