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Vintage Victorian Beveled Glass Window AE537

Catalog No. AE537
Circa: 1895
Price: $925
Orientation: Horizontal or vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Kansas City, Missouri
Dimensions: Glass size 24.5" x 38". Frame size 28.5" x 42".

Description: Note that the photograph was taken before the window was cleaned. It will be thoroughly cleaned before it is shipped.

Completely original beveled window with fine detail. Beams of light bend around curved shaped pieces before they stream out all around the room, grabbing your attention when you least expect it.

The process of creating curved beveled pieces took far more effort and craftsmanship than that for straight edged pieces. Thus, curvy patterned windows were more costly to make. Once you see for yourself how rounded bevels shimmer, you will understand why it was worth the additional effort and expense. Due to the sad condition of its original sash, this window was reframed. The high-quality replacement frame is a positive upgrade, being custom-made of American red oak, satin finished with three coats of Danish oil.

An unusual feature of this window is the small scale of its Zinc Came. I don't recall seeing came smaller than this, especially made of zinc. Assembling a beveled window using zinc of such dimensions was most difficult that is for certain. When looking at the panel, all the pattern lines look concise and crisp- that is the best way I can describe it. And this crisp appearance must be the reason the original designer chose this particular profile

Original Photo of AE537 Antique American Beveled Glass Window

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