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AE213 American Glue Chip Beveled Glass Door Set

Catalog No. AE213
Circa: 1885-1890
Price: $25,000
Orientation: Main Entrance Door Set
Condition: Fine
Provenance: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dimensions: Framed, over-all size is 87.5” wide by 83.25” high.

Description: Magnificent brilliant American oversized door set of heavy-gauge glue-chipped beveled glass. Original oak frames surround the door and sidelights. This is really an impressive door set — it grabs your attention! The optical effects of the 5/16" thick bevel plating, the exceptional double-glue-chipping technique on the outside surface of most of the pieces, the use of high-profiled zinc came, the superb quality of the beveling work for prismatics, and the sheer size of the set make it simply riveting. The door alone is 44" wide. This is plainly the best beveled door set that we have owned.

The door has some cracked pieces and one of the sidelights has a single crack. With some effort I can get these pieces replaced seamlessly for the next owner. I am able to match the surface glue-chip pattern and beveling work through my resources. Costs for this are available upon request. The oak frames shown in the large photo are simulated — a process that is much easier than photographing the windows again. The smaller photos below are not retouched and demonstrate the need for simulating the frames. The actual oak is quite beautiful and sound. The wood has never been painted; it retains a deep honey-gold to brown coloration. Another of our windows in suite with this set is AE215. Contact us if you have questions.

Original photo of AE213 Victorian beveled glass sidelights
Original Photo of AE213 American glue chip beveled glass door

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