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AE74 Arts & Crafts Beveled Glass

Catalog No. AE74
Circa: 1895-1900
Price: $4,250
Orientation: Horizontal
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Louisville, Kentucky
Dimensions: 98" X 24" glass size exclusive of frame

Description: High quality beveled Neo-Classically inspired window. The pattern is based on the ancient Roman shell motif. This is can referred to as an Adams Sunrise pattern. As you can see, the shape of each of the individual pieces changes as the rays elongate away from the center line. Look at the narrow band through the center of the window and you will see tight, well planned, exacting bevel work. This window was a custom order that must have taken a massive number of man hours. Best of all is that the bevel work is crisp. The curves attract light and whirl it in the most amazing ways before your eyes. The prisms this piece creates must be seen in person. Zinc came. Original totally solid frame.

Original Photo of AE74

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