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Victorian Combination Stained, Beveled, and Jeweled Window AE501

Catalog No. AE501
Circa: 1895
Price: $4,350 each, 2 available
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Louisville, Kentucky
Dimensions: Each window is 31" x 36.5"

Description: Each of these windows is very well balanced in design. The shades and textures are soothing and sophisticated. The beveled fan (or shell) shaped motif plays well against the background, high-lighting the composition. The various colors, shapes and textures within the jewel selection truly enhance the design.

Most of the jewels are hand-faceted. Hand-rolled rippled glass is the essential fabric of each window. I especially appreciate the unusual violet and mauve colors in the field. The fiery quality you see in these windows is due to the original formula used in this early glass.

The old frames were unsalvageable. In restoring these windows we added a new stiff .5" zinc border. You may purchase one or both of these windows

Original Photo of American Stained, Beveled, Jeweled Combination Glass Window AE501

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