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AE414 Victorian Stained, Beveled, and Jeweled Window

Click to enlarge this detail of the Victorian combination stained, jeweled, and beveled window above.

Catalog No. AE414
Circa: 1900
Price: $5,300
Orientation: Vertical or horizontal
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Chicago, Illinois
Dimensions: 19.5” x 60.5” exclusive of frame

Description: Here is a great Chicago Combination Window. The spiraling beveled patterns seem to glide through the field of beautifully-made reddish-brown rippled glass. The rippled textures vary from piece to piece, as does the coloration — which is what hand-made glass is all about. The gracefully-curved bevels capture and bend light from any source to make a surprising lightshow even on a dull day. The placement and assortment of smooth and faceted jewels add a whimsical feel to this upbeat piece of Americana. The size shown does not include the sturdy frame surrounding this window. Overall measurement available upon request.

Original photo of Antique American Victorian Combination Window AE414

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