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Catalog No. AE108
Circa: 1890-95
Price: $2950
Orientation: Horizontal
Condition: Very Good
Provenance: Chicago, Illinois
Dimensions: Glass Size: 25 1/2" X 79". Framed Size: 28 1/2" x 82".

Seeing this lively, sophisticated design lends credence to the notion that Chicago, at the time, created America's finest Stained, Beveled and Jeweled Combination Glass Windows.

The extensive amount of curved beveled surface gives this window tremendous prismatic power. The only coloration in the composition comes from the boldly placed hand-faceted jewels and a 1 inch reddish-brown secondary border. Textural interest is introduced with the outer border, made of Glue-Chipped Glass (See my website's Glossary for info). The original frame of this window was not able to be saved and it was thus replaced by a well-made contemporary frame.

Original Photo of American Stained, Beveled, Jeweled Combination Glass Window AE108

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