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AE522 Victorian Beveled Glass Door Set

    Vintage Victorian Beveled Glass Window AE522

Catalog No. AE522
Circa: 1890
Price: $18,500 for 3 piece set
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Cincinnati, Ohio
Dimensions: Glass size of the door panel is 39 5/8" x 31 3/8", with the oak frame it is 43 7/8" x 35 3/8". The glass size of each of the sidelights is 15.5" x 77.25", with the oak frame each measures 18.75" x 81.5".

Description: This lot comprises an Antique Beveled Door Panel and Two Matching Sidelights. These three panels are presently in high quality modern oak frames as shown in the lower photo on the right. However, an entry set can be fabricated (a door and sidelights) around these panels to fit a variety of entryway sizes. The upper photo on the right shows an example of how a door set might look.

The magnificence of this Door Set is not easy to put into words. If Ten is the highest possible rating, then Ten is unquestionably the score. The workmanship is outstanding, the design is timeless and the sheer number of pieces is phenomenal.

I have not owned, nor do I remember ever seeing any beveled door set with so much activity: rainbows flashing, energetic light beams streaking around the curves like a kaleidoscope and light beams bouncing off beveled edges in every direction.

I counted 128 hand-faceted jewels in the 3 panels! I didn't begin to try counting all of the beveled pieces. The average size of the beveled edge in an antique window is about 3/8." The bevel dimension in these three windows is well over 1/2." Over-sizing a beveled edge pays spectacular dividends in the form of prismatic effects.

The tremendous effort spent creating and executing such an ambitious entry set is obvious to anyone who comes near these windows. These windows were made to grab you, and they certainly accomplish that.

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