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Art Nouveau Window AE542

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Catalog No. AE542
Circa: 1910
Price: $14,950
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: East Coast of United States
Dimensions: Glass size: 31.5" x 43". Framed size: 33.5" x 47.5".

Description: This is a phenomenally beautiful work of art. When standing before this window, the viewer has the feeling he or she may simply reach out and touch the petals of these full blossoming Bearded Irises as rolling foothills and a cloud-streaked sky call from the distance.

The manufacturer is uncertain, however, I feel sure that this window was produced by one of the best New York glass studios that competed with Louis Comfort Tiffany during his period of prominence. Many observers of Louis Tiffany might call this panel an unsigned Tiffany. I do not subscribe to that belief. The work and techniques of this window do, in fact, show striking Tiffany Studios similarities, such as multiple plating; heavy use of Kokomo Granite glass; use of sophisticated, striated opalescent glass; highly organic (naturalistic) floral design; a sense of physical presence within the scene; and an aesthetic balance of all components of the design.

"Multiple plating" refers to layering glass plates side-by-side to each other to gain artistic effects unachievable using only one layer of glass as done in almost all windows. The obverse side of the landscape portion of this panel employs a single sheet of streaked opalescent glass to give the window three dimensionality and dynamic coloration. Another sheet of textured mottled glass is used on the reverse side of the geometric portion (below the Irises) for added depth and fire. A specific point of interest to me is the wide variation of color-mixes, textures and shapes of the iris leaves.

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