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Art Nouveau Window AE520

Catalog No. AE520
Circa: 1895 - 1905
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Very Good
Provenance: San Francisco, California
Dimensions: Glass size is 29.75" x 49". Frame size is 34.25" x 53".

Description: The colors in this window are intense. The varied green granite-textured leaves, sophisticated browns in the vine-work , high quality blue mottle in the sky, and all of the vivid fruit glasses were well selected. It is a cheerful window, both in its coloration and its theme. To me the circle at top is a vignette representing the bounties of a good harvest, as shown within the branches of a fanciful "multi-harvest tree." Note that all of the fruit is beautiful, full and ripe for the picking, just like the girl-next-door shown contemplating what to select.

I truly appreciate the level of sophistication of the field glass material, with its all-over-the-map mottling and obvious hand-rolled quality and multi-directional swirling. You just don't see this stuff. Also cool is the over-sized flat lead "grid," which forms the foundation (essentially the background canvas) of the design.

This panel has a few cracks, but nothing significant. The paint is in fine stable condition. The paintwork is applied on both sides. On the back-side, there is a chip at the tip of the maiden's nose which can readily be touched up with glass paint.

Original Photo of AE520

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