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Photo of one of four Art Nouveau windows

Catalog No. AE496
Circa: 1900-1910
Price: Without frame: $1,675 each. With frame: $1,850 each.
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Eastern Seaboard
Dimensions: Framed size: 21.75" x 50.5". Glass size: 18" x 46.75”

Description: Two of the four panels have been placed in contemporary high-quality frames. The prices above reflect the cost associated. You have the choice to buy one or all of these windows, framed or unframed.

Striking urns each holding a selection of fresh cattails in an outdoor setting. The design is straightforward and charming. Every piece is original glass. The blue pieces that make up the body and rim of the urn are well chosen to depict mottled-glazed pottery; this glass is sophisticated and obviously custom-made. The material used for the leaves is granite textured and it works well against the smooth textures of the opalescent background. Each of the cattails have a noticeably different coloration, adding realism. These windows have a glow about them. There are four available. You may buy one or all.

Original photo of AE496

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