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AE483 Victorian Art Nouveau Transitional Beveled Glass Window

Catalog No. AE483
Circa: 1900
Price: $1,850
Orientation: Vertical or horizontal
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Denver, Colorado
Dimensions: Glass is 19.5" x 39.5". Frame is 24.5" x 45".

Description: A fine, well crafted beveled window; brilliantly prismatic in sunlight.

The frame that you see was designed to be flush mounted to any wall surface. It is actually a Shadowbox with a mirror at the back. The mirror reflects the beveled window’s refracted light patterns back out into the room, which is amazingly dramatic. There does not have to be a lot of light in the room to achieve the desired effect. With such an intelligent design and perfect execution, the result is truly a sophisticated statement.

The whole unit is constructed from fine 4 inch Honduran mahogany. The high quality mirror on the rear side is protected by 3/8 inch plywood, both of which are recessed in to flush, and both are completely removable. This is top-flight cabinetwork. Several coats of professionally-applied clear satin finish highlight the natural color of the hardwood.

The Shadowbox easily and securely mounts to a wall surface on two exposed screw heads. Or if you choose, the mirror can be replaced with electric back-lighting to convert to a wall-mounted light box.

There are other options. Instead of mounting the unit onto a wall surface, you may insert the box frame within a wall cavity, or window opening, without the mirror, and trim it to match the existing casing of the home. The box is four inches thick from front to back. If you prefer a simple frame instead, the front face of the frame can be separated from the rest of the box in a wood shop.

We have Five Beveled Windows in our inventory that are framed in identical shadowboxes. The Catalog Numbers are AE480, AE481, AE482, this window, and AE484. The first three are listed in the Victorian Beveled Glass Galleries. The last two are listed in the Art Nouveau Beveled Gallery.

Original Photo of AE483

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