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AE339 Art Deco Stained Glass Pair of Windows

Catalog No. AE339
Price: $865 for pair
Circa: 1915 - 1925
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Very good
Provenance: Unknown
Dimensions: Glass Size: 11.5" X 24" for each paenl. Overall size of each door panel: 14.5" X 82".

Description: All original glass and wood. The bright colors and well chosen textures employed are quite attractive. Together both doors make a charming double vignette of rolling waves leading to a remote lighthouse alongside a scene of rolling hills in a pastoral setting.

The pair does not appear ever to have been worked on. They are in fine condition with the exception of a cracked piece of blue glass. This is an inexpensive repair, which we can do for you using vintage, matching glass

The doors can be cut down to about any size you'd like. If fact, we can cut them here (for ease of shipping) assuming you don't want the total height.

Original photo of AE339

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