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One of Two Matching Arts & Crafts Windows AE264The Pair of Windows Shown End-to-End

Catalog No. AE264
Circa: 1910-1920
Price: Sold
Orientation: Vertical
Condition: Good
Provenance: Illinois
Dimensions: 23" x 30.25" each

Description: This pair of matching forward-looking windows are at the same time striking and soothing. They are at the same time smoothly curvilinear (at bottom) and contrastingly angular and geometric (at top). The design draws upon elements of Art Nouveau, Viennese Seccessionist (think Eiffel Tower), American Arts and Crafts and early Art Deco. And yet, overall, the design really works! The makers, to their credit, selected a distinctive mix of bold textured glass—tight ripple, high ridged ripple, granite, pebble and hammered—all to harmoniously share the space with clear cut bevels placed diagonally to the perimeters. Well done! If both windows are put together end-to-end as shown, the resulting window is remarkable. Age of Elegance can present you some options as to how we could accomplish joining the two windows while utilizing only original glass and retaining integrity.

Original Photo of AE264

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