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AE251 One of 2 Victorian Beveled Glass Windows      AE251 One of 2 Victorian Beveled Glass Windows

Catalog No. AE251
Circa: 1890
Price: $2,600 for the pair
Orientation: Likely vertical, could be horizontal
Condition: Very good
Provenance: Toledo, Ohio
Dimensions: Each measures 12 X 58.75

Description: Pair of fine quality beveled sidelights with fleur de lis motif using zinc came. The bevels are brilliantly cut for prismatic effects.

These windows are suitable for use with any of the following windows: AE247, AE248, AE249, AE250, and AE252.

AE252 or AE250 would be the best choices for a door panel, in that order.

Original photo of AE251

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